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So I know I promised I'd get you this post like what, ages ago? Sorry! *covers face* To be honest I have no excuses. I've just been procrastinating as usual and enjoying/figuring out my hair way too much. I posted a picture of my hair as some inspiration to other naturals on social media at the beginning of the month and got so many questions on what I do, as well as the most lovely compliments. Thank you guys! So without further ado here it is:


It taken me ages to figure out what my hair loves. My failure to stick to one thing, coupled with my product junkie ways was not a good way to build a solid routine but I attribute that to my excitement of being a newbie natural.Two years later and I can safely say I think I've got it. The secret to my hair growing success isn't a particular product it's health health health! Health> Length.

I'm a dedicated protective styler. Yes, nine out of ten times you'll find me in a protective style of some sort, so my regimen is built around that. This is probably because I do my own hair 95% of the time and the other 5% I get it done (when I'm feeling lazy or have just missed the experience) but that's a post for another day. I do have my hair down and resting for about a week between styles and have a separate regimen for that. I saw this layout on the new The Kink and I website and thought it was the most simple, easily presented one so I copied it below. This can be used for new and long term naturals alike.

Hair Type: 4b nape and 4c crown, Kinky, Koily Kurly strands, high density

Hair Issues: Breakage and dryness


  • On average, once a week alternating between cowashing and shampooing. Yes, even (read especially) when I have extensions on. 
  • Finger detangle with spay bottle mix consisting of water, a little conditioner and some oils. (If in extensions this step is skipped).
  • Pre-poo for a short while with honey and Olive oil mix.
  • Wash in 4 sections.
  • Cowash/Shampoo/Apple Cider Vinegar rinse with warm water.
  • Condition and rinse with warm water.
  • Oil rinse ( olive oil) to apply back some moisture.
  • Apply Deep Conditioner mixed with Castor oil (moisturizing DC on cowash days and protein DC on shampoo days) and detangle.
  • Leave DC in hair for at least an hour, under a plastic cap, and when Zesco (electricity povider) is so kind, apply heat.
  • Rinse out DC with cool water.
  • Moisturize with Avocado oil, moisturizing lotion and Castor oil to seal.
  • Style, or chunky twist hair to dry.
  • If using heat to style, apply heat protectant and blow dry on low heat using the tension method.
Trim ends every 6 months or when ends are feeling/looking ragedy. Edge control to tame those edges. And The Inversion Method (see link for details) once a month for seven days.

During Styles

  • Moisturize & seal my edges with castor oil.
  • Spritz hair with spray bottle mix 
  • Scalp massages/ scalp rubs every other day, with oil mix (Rosemary, Castor, Coconut, Olive and Avocado oils as well as vegetable glycerin) to lift build up, and prevent itching.
BONUS: Here's a picture of all the products I'm currently (as at April 2016) using. Please note that they change from time to time depending on availability, preference and weather.
From top left to bottom right: Avocado oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Dr Miracles oil applicator bottle with dropper, Castor oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Rosemary oil, Dr Miracles Daily Moisturizing Lotion and Deep Conditioner, Olive Oil ORS Heat Protectant, Argan Oil Shampoo, Spray bottle and mix, TRESemme Naturals Conditioner, Ubuchi Naturals Honey 

There you have it :). If you'd like me to do a review on any of these products or any new ones you want me to try out, please leave a comment below! And be sure to check out my Healthy Hair Journey page to see my progress over the last two years.


  1. Yay, great for a newbie naturalista. Health > Length

    1. Aww yay! So glad you like it baba๐Ÿ˜„ hope it helps๐Ÿ˜Š


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